CR300NM Clean Room Wall System

  • 4" fiberglass stud framing
  • Cleanroom construction with durable, non-shedding, particle-free, non-gypsum board or wood core panels, such as a PVC or FRP panel mounted on either a corrugated plastic core or HDPE core material
  • Slimline PVC trim components and PVC screwable type baseboard

Same Neslo Trademark Features:
  • Fully demountable, reusable, non-progressive construction
  • Tight gasket joints with our slimline trim components that ensure dependable contamination control
  • Flexible design with user friendly components for quick and easy installation, relocation, and expansion
  • Inventory stock components
  • Return-air wall cavity
Our CR300NM Wall System can be used in a wide range of industries, such as:
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Animal Research
  • Bio-medical
  •  Research Laboratories

Our CR300NM Wall System provides a suitable solution to environments where chemicals, corrosion, and moisture present a problem.

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