Clean Room Wall Systems

A Unique System for Performance & Flexibility
As a leader in manufacturing clean room demountable wall systems for 50 years, Neslo offers specialized knowledge and expertise in clean room construction.

Neslo understands the importance of controlling environments as well as the technicalities of clean room flexibility requirements. That includes keeping your clean room flexible. The most successful clean room construction integrates technology needs with flexibility, such as our cleanroom partitions. Melamime cleanroom building materials can be used in this cleanroom construction. There are no complicated components in our wall system.

Each panel is reusable and existing panels can be recombined with new panels to create new clean room configuration. Our systems are clean and contemporary, providing a bright and ultra-clean look with a minimum of maintenance. Neslo delivers cost-effective clean room partitioning with built in expandability.
Neslo walls are manufactured to the highest standards using the finest materials available. Our standard stud is 3-5/8" deep x 18 gauge galvanized steel, assuring sturdiness, durability, superior strength and non-combustibility. (Wider or heavier gauge studs are available if deeper walls cavities, structural requirements, or height requirements are needed). 
Our large supply of stock components assures fast delivery and wide selection. 
Neslo walls have been in service for over 50 years. Our years of proven experience stand behind our product worldwide. 
Immediate delivery from stock inventory. There is no need to delay your clean room schedule. 
Our systems are designed to meet your needs for change effectively and efficiently, eliminating down time due to construction inflexibility. Ease of customization meets any room design or plenum location. 
Cavity Construction
Our variable cavity wall design allows air returns to be a part of the interior wall cavity, where applicable, eliminating expensive external duct work and construction costs. 
Tight Joints
Our hermetic seal is used at all joints to ensure quality, dependable contamination control. 
Facing Materials
We offer a wide range of panels including fire retardant and non-fir retardant panels, Melamime panels, FRP panels, steel faced panels, aluminum panels, composite panels, aluminum honeycomb panels or panels of your choice. All prefinished surfaces are ideally suited for clean room environments and retain their appearance. Practical finishes with good design and contemporary styling create a comfortable environment, enhancing worker performance. Additionally, Neslo's Flush Glazing Detail sets the standard for the industry. 
Neslo partitions are easily serviced or reconfigured. The modular system allows quick and easy replacement and simplifies the contractor's work during installation. We can manufacture custom wall systems to your most exacting specifications.
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