Industrial Wall Systems

  • Is it time to upgrade your current Production Areas to showcase your Products?
  • Do you need to create an enclosure around a section of your Production Area, or a special piece of equipment to produce your products in a more controlled and stable environment to meet your customer’s satisfaction?
Neslo, manufacturers of quality and durable demountable wall systems since 1947, has the solution to these questions. It’s called
Industra-Wall”, a wall system that will create a Bright, Clean, Professional-Looking, Dust-Controlled Environment to produce your products. This environment will certainly satisfy and impress your customers when you showcase your production capabilities.  
Neslo’s Industra-Wall is an extremely versatile and functional wall system that will satisfy nearly all the demands of flexibility, durability, and appearance. Its stick-built concept along with erector-set construction simplicity provides a perfect wall system that not only can be tailored to your precise needs, but also adapts easily to on-site conditions and irregularities. Our commercial wall panels can be used to create permanent room partitions, temporary rooms and/or walls, hallway wall systems - all durable and maintenance free.

The system’s exclusive non-progressive construction and user-friendly panels and components such as durable Melamine building materials and prefinished sheetrock, which we stock for immediate delivery, allows for easy installation and relocation, reduced maintenance, easy repair and change. These removable walls add the flexibility to meet expansion requirements with minimum disruption and down-time. Every panel in the Neslo System is an access panel. 

Neslo offers a wide range of practical, decorative, dust-controlled panels, such as, MCP (Melamine) panels; FRP(textured or smooth) panels with either a polypropylene fluted core, or gypsum board core; vinyl-covered panels; prefinished sheetrock panels or pre-painted steel panels.

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