Office Partitions

Offices, Universities, Institutions, Laboratories, Government, High Tech, Industrial or Commercial
Office Partitions
Relocatable, Functional, and Modular Wall Partitions
Neslo wall partioning systems has no limitation in design or function so you can meet the changing needs in your facility. Neslo can provide you with an office or any other enclosure quickly, because the office panel system is easy to install. You enjoy the beauty and quality of a permanent office panel that is flexible enough to be relocated anytime, any place! Plus, there's minimum disruption while Neslo Wall Systems are installed. It's fast, efficient and time saving because it eliminates dealing with conventional phases of construction such as painting and compounding.
These demountable partions offer a wide selection of finishes from the  basic pre-finished sheetrock panels, textured gypsum board panels, fabrics or melamine. Neslo offers complete panel systems including flush window and door designs. Whether for office, lab, factory control center or clean room, Neslo modular wall systems and components are available for immediate delivery. Call today for additional information on office panel systems.
Office Panel Systems
Design: Neslo Wall Systems are engineered for true flexibility and relocatability. That works well as a floor ceiling room divider or free standing divider. Our exclusive non-progressive construction and clipable systems mean ease of installation and relocation.
Quality: Neslo walls are manufactured to the highest standards using the finest materials available. Our 20 gauge and 18 gauge steel stud framing systems assure sturdiness, durability and capability of achieving up to 26 feet in height. 
Selection: Neslo Room Partions offer the most complete office panel line in the industry. We can supply any job condition with standard components. Our large supply of stock components always assures fast delivery for your office partition.
Dependability: Neslo walls have been in service for over 50 years. Our professional technical staff and years of proven experience stand behind our product. Thousands of satisfied customers all over the world are our best reference.
Service: We can design, manufacture and install an office panel system to your most exacting specifications. And we can give you the best on time delivery in the business. In the U.S. and the world over – you can count on Neslo.
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