Glazed Wall Systems

The GL-Glazed Wall System is a flexible wall system designed as an office glass wall or industrial glass wall without prefabrication and pre-engineering. The flush type glazing design provides a unique modular wall system that not only is flexible, attractive and functional, but also provides unlimited options of style, size of glazed units, and single or double glazing. Whether you need half-glass type walls, full height (floor to ceiling) type glazed walls, door side lites, or walls with clerestory glazing, the GL-glazing system is the system that can meet these or your exact room partion needs. 

The addition of a singular aluminum extrusion (Part #EG2A) along with our special glass gasketing (Part #Euro-D and/or Euro-S) to our standard stock framing and trim components, used in our other wall systems, permits on-the-job fabrication and flexibility. There are no visible mechanical fasteners nor any visible glass stops. The double-glazed feature provides you with the most efficient sound barrier and acoustical privacy. The GL-glazing system with double-glazing is rated at an STC of 40.

The GL-Glazing Wall System, another quality system in our fleet of wall systems, with the same trademark features---- Flexible, Functional, Attractive, and Fully Demountable/Reusable.

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