VB-4 PVC Baseboard

Finally, a baseboard that's truly Removable and Reusable, with NO adhesive required, that will not walk-away from the wall. NESLO's VB-4 Baseboard is a balanced PVC extrusion that actually is screwed in the grooved section of the piece, on either 16" or 24" centers, to any type of wall; i.e. drywall, masonry, removable walls, metal or wood walls, etc.

NESLO's VB-4 Baseboard is an elegant and durable trim component that certainly compliments any type of area; such as, schools, municipalities, offices, hospitals, corridors, industrial areas, clean rooms. It's scuff and dent resistant, and can take a beating in high traffic areas with virtually NO maintenance. Even your cleaning personnel can aim their equipment at it without damaging it.

NESLO's VB-4 Baseboard installs quickly and easily with NO messy adhesive and clean-up. It can even be used as a bumper or wall guard to protect those high-abuse areas from carts, pallet jacks, forklifts, etc.

Available in 10' lengths in either Black, Brown, or Gray.

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