CR300 Cleanroom Wall System

Virtually no limitation to flexibility in clean room construction with Neslo wall system.

Demountable, non-progressive construction applies to any procurable panel, from 1/4" to 3/4" thick. Structural walls and air return applications can be handled with standard components. All mechanicals are concealed inside the cavity without hampering quick access. Our variable cavity wall design allows air returns to be a part of the interior wall cavity, where applicable, eliminating expensive external duct work and construction costs. Additionally, Neslo's Flush Glazing Detail sets the standard for the industry.

Maximum flexibility requires movable clean room partitions, inter-changeable lab equipment, standardized service outlets, and service lines that can be removed and re-installed quickly. Neslo movable wall partitions provide complete flexibility with regard to height, facing materials, sound and availability of access to the cavity of the partitions. This is an intricate requirement for resolving many problems of clean room construction. Melamime clean room material can be used for this clean room construction.

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