Conference Room Wall Systems

Type QZ (Quiet Zone) Wall System is the go-to wall system when quiet and privacy is required, such as conference rooms, executive offices, meeting rooms, etc.

Utilizing the same components as the FM Wall System, but with sound reduction insulation in the wall cavity, and gasketing at all the joints and at the top and bottom of the wall.

  • Fully demountable and flexible
  • Same as the FM Wall System
  • Adaptable to your present conditions and heights
  • 2-5/8” or 3-5/8” steel stud framing system option
  • Can achieve a STC rating of 47
  • Closed cell PVC gasketing at all joints and seams, including the top and bottom of the wall

  • Choice of durable panels:
  • Vinyl-covered gypsum board
  • Plain unfinished gypsum board, field painted to match existing walls
  • Specifications | Installation Manual