Glass/Glazed Wall Systems

The GL-Glazed Wall System is a flexible wall system designed as an office glass wall or industrial glass wall without prefabrication and pre-engineering.

The flush type glazing design provides a unique modular wall system that is flexible, attractive, and functional, and provides unlimited options of style, size of glazed units, and single or double glazing. Whether you need half-glass type walls, full height (floor to ceiling) type glazed walls, door side lites, or walls with clerestory glazing, the GL-Glazing System is the system that can

  • Fully demountable and non-progressive system
  • On-the-job fabrication adapts to your existing conditions and needs
  • Choice of glazing styles and glass types
  • No visible mechanical fasteners or glazing stops
  • Choice of single or double-glazed units
  • Double-glazed units can provide the most efficient sound barrier and acoustical privacy with a STC rating of 40
  • In stock window components
  • Aluminum/glass doors available
  • Specifications | Installation Manual